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Welcome to my website about loan and finance.  On this website I share information about different types of loans, investments and other financial services.  I am by no means an expert on these things. Merely an amateur with many years of experience and a burning interest in the area.  The information on this website should not be consider financial advise. It is merely my attempt to share what I have a learned over the years. I add new articles as often as I can.  I will initially write a lot about loans since that is what people tend to ask me about the most but my aim is to write about investments as well.

Stocks and other investments

I keep a stock portfolio designed to earn a high return at a medium high risk profile.  The stocks I pick are not high risk stocks but they are also not low risk.  You can see the stocks that currently are in my portfolio and how much money I have made or lost on the stock in it below.

I also monitor and invest in a number of other types of financial instruments.  These instruments include, futures, options, warrants, binary options and CFD:s. I do not publish my investments in these instrument due to the fact that many of them are very high risk and the trade is very time sensitive. I do not want to risk that anyone chose to copy my trades and lose money due to the time sensitive nature of the instruments.

If you want to invest in binary options, cfd:s or other exotic instruments then it is very important that you learn a lot about them and the risks associated with the trade before you start trading.  You can learn more about binary options, here and more about CFD:s, here.

Follow or stock portfolio

Below you can follow the progress of my stock portfolio and see how much money you would have earned or lost if you had copied my trades.  The portfolio is filled with stocks that I believe in. The inclusion of a stock in the portfolio is not to be consider financial advise.  You have to research the stock yourself and see if you want to copy my trades.

The stock prices are updated every 5 seconds while the stock market is open.

Symbol Name Purchase price Last Trade Price Change Change (%)

Most of my stock is doing well but my investment in Blue apron was a mistake.  I thought that they would bounce back after the initial fall after the IPO but they are continuing to fall as Amazon puts more pressure on them.